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Caritas Kasanaensis was contracted by the Ministry of water and Environment in December 2016 to implement a GCCA-Sustainable Management Project in the Nakaseke and Luweero districts. The main objective of the assignment is to support the establishment of Farmer Field Schools (FFS) for sustainable management and use of water for production facilities constructed and rehabilitated under Global Climate Change Alliance. In Luweero district, the project is being implemented in two sub-counties of Kikyusa and Kamira. In Kikyusa sub-county, two FFS have been formed at suulakomo valley tank and in Kamira sub-county; four FFS have been formed at Kitanswa and Kitenderikigumbya valley tanks. In Nakaseke district, the project is being implemented in three sub-counties of Wakyato, Ngoma and Kinoni. In total, 5 FFS have been formed, two FFS at Kasozi valley tank in Wakyato, two FFS at Kirangaazi valley tank in Ngoma and one FFS at Nyakalongo valley tank site in Kinoni


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