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The Caritas Kasanaensis Special Needs, Emergency and Relief Program Started in the year 2014. The program is geared towards promoting the spirit of Caritas which was initiated by the apostles, that is, people helping people (Acts 2: 44-45). The program raises funds locally to cater for the needy and marginalized communities within Kasana-Luweero Diocese including but not limited to:- the elderly, the orphaned and vulnerable children, the people living with disabilities, the widowed women, men and the terminally sick. Besides, the same program responds to the disasters like earthquakes, famine, flood, heavy storms which affect the well being of the people.

The collections are made from the program’s local fundraising drives and they assist the  Bishop of Kasana Luweero Diocese in responding to the different needs of the people in the communities especially those in the most need of urgent help such as the elderly for whom the children have grown up and relocated to different areas leaving these elderly at God’s mercy with only the option of fending for themselves in their advanced age.

The Fundraising Drives/ Events Include: 

  1. Elderly Care Ministry
  2. Prisons Ministry
  3. Cloth and Food Ministry
  4. OVC- Sponsorship
  5. Humanitarian Response (i.e. Refugees, Flood, Hunger)
  6. People with Disabilities (PWDs)
  7. Women Development Clubs


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